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Power System Services provided
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Financial & Customer Proposal Presentations
  • Technology & Project Assessments
  • Applications & Approvals
  • System Design & Engineering
  • Power System Connection Impact Assessments (CIA's)
  • Installation, Commissioning, Quality Control and Supervision
  • Facility Monitoring & Power System Maintenance

Worry-free Installation … As easy as flicking a switch

Let our team take care of everything from the initial estimate, all registration and applications, right to the final connection to your local electricity provider. We ensure an exciting, high quality, installation process… as easy as flicking a switch.

Sit back and get ready to watch your meter go backwards.

Hassle-free Financing

Avacos Solar offers pre-approved financing options made available through TD Canada Trust. Designed to help you make the shift and go solar. Making the investment in solar energy convenient and affordable for any home or office. For more details please do not hesitate to contact our mortgage specialist and receive a complete financial evaluation of your system and installation.

About PV
How Solar Panels Work

Photovoltaic Electricity is a process whereby sunlight is converted directly into direct current (DC) electricity in a solar cell that is typically based on Silicon. Solar cells are manufactured into solar modules, which are then constructed into arrays. Solar arrays feed direct current electricity to an inverter that connects the array to the utility grid via the building’s electrical system.

Solar arrays are commonly located on building rooftops and they are ideal for integration into building designs, where multiple benefits may be attained through solar Photovoltaic deployment, such as integration with day lighting strategies. Solar Energy is the most reliable electricity source available and the Operations & Maintenance costs are negligible as compared with all other electrical generation systems.

Photovoltaic Efficiency

Photovoltaic systems operate by collecting daylight, both direct sunlight and diffuse daylight, and across a broad light spectrum. Efficiency is best considered as being the power able to be generated (in rated peak kilowatts) in a given amount of space. Operationally, the electrical energy yield of Photovoltaic will vary depending on numerous factors including ambient and solar cell temperature, tilt angle, ventilation and shading from obstructions, etc.

Careful project design is imperative in order to attain optimum operational efficiency.



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How Solar
    Panels Work?

Photovolatic Electricity is
a process whereby sunlight is converted directly into electricity. More...

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